Oooh boy, its been awhile since I cried that hard.

After work yesterday I was laying in bed and got to thinking the worse. I couldn't help it- it was like a runaway train.

I imagined myself suffocating in a hospital bed, and the doctors were about to put me in a morphine coma so I wouldn't suffer and would sleep through to the end.

And then they brought in my Mom and Sisters for a final goodbye. Back in reality, I starting getting choked up so I gave Mom a call. As soon as I heard her voice though I just broke down bawling, big gasping sobs.

That lasted a few minutes, and Mom calmed me down and made it a bit better. Moms seem to have that talent.

So, I feel a little better today.

In other news, STILL isolating myself from the news feed. The Macworld Keynote video's not supposed to be come out until this afternoon.

Wonder why this one took so long to release?

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