Well, I've made it back in one piece. I had a 2 hour stop over in Vegas, and flying into the city at night is always an experience. Quite beautiful, from a distance, if you find bright lights and lots of glass attractive. I happen to, in the right context.

The first day back is always the hardest. And longest.

I spent ten minutes arguing with a girl over basic arithmetic. She said I didn't give her back all her change, and finally I had to outline it all out, step by step on a notepad before she got it. What are they teaching in schools nowadays?

Than the same incident happened later with a different person, plus a few more people complaining about stuff the left when they checked out last month is no longer here.

Blah blah blah.

Well, I bought some Nicotine Gum in Florida, so it's been a few days since I smoked. And as stressful as today has been, I'm surprised I haven't caved in and smoked one yet.

P.S. Oh, yeah. Now I have to go fire someone. Nicorette, don't fail me now...

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