I met this girl at the hotel over a year ago named Rosie. She was kind of a burn out, doing drugs, getting into trouble...the usual M.O. of people who end up at this hotel.

Since I attract those kind of people we became friends, sort of. She ended up leaving last August, moving to Santa Cruz for rehab, and now she's cleaned up and working.

I hadn't heard from her in awhile. She sent me her new number months ago, but I never got around to calling her. So, fast forward to a couple of days ago.

She was visiting family in town, and gave me a call. Long story short, we hung out, got drunk, and ended up back at my place where we fooled around a bit. A lot of rough, naked make out sessions, taking turns tying each other up, that kind of stuff.

So, the next morning she went back to Santa Cruz. We're going to Vegas next month.

And this is so soon after that one night stand I had a week ago with that Canadian Girl. Did I ever blog about that? Hmm, seems like I'm having alot more intimate encounters as of late. Maybe I should catch up on my Star Chart...

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Simon Lin said...

OMG! Stop talking. How am I supposed to get that image out of my mind now?