Wow, I find myself looking at the most recent pics alot. Like, is that REALLY me?! I didn't even have to adjust these ones aside from a little cropping. Eyeliner's a miracle!

Maybe it's because I was teased so much growing up. I always felt awkward and weird looking, which is probably where my self-deprecating cynicism came from. It's WEIRD, looking in a mirror and seeing someone who's me, just a little more prettier than the image in my head.

I'm always checking myself out, especially when I'm drunk. After three drinks, hide the mirrors.

I wonder if this gives any credit to the whole Autogynephilia "theory".

I guess I'm not TOTALLY a narcissist- I'm cringing in shame as I write this post.

Well, Freud DID say a little narcissim was essential. Than again Freud was pretty screwed up himself.

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Michael said...

Haha, I catch myself doing the same thing with photos of myself every now and then...including experiencing the occasional engulfing "wow...that's really me?" feeling.

I guess I'm currently thinking that maybe Autogynephilia can at least partially describe some cases (perhaps mine)...but even then might not necessarily be a contraindication...to each hir own, to the contrary. :)

I love the website's facelift and your new photos, btw!