Come for a Cause

Wowsers. Last night was one of the most surreal experience of my life.

*Oh, and this entry probably isn't Work Safe, or for those under 21.*

So it started innocently enough, flipping through the free Onion newspaper that's scattered all over the city, when I saw the ad for a Masturbate-a-thon. It sounded pretty interesting, definitely alternative to say the least, and I told 'Amy' about it and we decided to go as spectators.

She wanted to go all out in attire, and she did. Pink platform boots, fishnets, and a lycra mini and tube top. And she's all of 100 lbs. Cute indeed.

I just wore my usual jean and blouse affair. (When I'm not indulging in narcissistic primping in my room, of course.) Here's a pic of me in the cab on the way there-

So anyway, we met up with a coworker and after a lengthy process of signing forms (agreeing not to touch others sexually, respecting boundaries, and of course, no photography.) we went in.

I felt like I stepped into an alternate universe- or a porn set, at the very least. The first area was kind of a typical nightclubish setup, with a bar (non-alcoholic that night) and a dance area. Down the hallway was the 'dungeon', lot of stone and chains, and mattresses laid out with guys and women, (mostly guys) going to town. And a good portion of people were just walking around naked, or mostly naked.

Pass the Jail Cell was a 'Barn/Stable' where 'Amy' and I must have watched this one girl for a half-hour, using a vibrator, deepthroating a giant dildo, and finally fisting herself. Pretty awe inspiring.

After about an hour 'Amy' loosened up to the point of taking off her tube top and sticking her hand in her panties. I'm not much of an exhibitionist (surprisingly) so I just stayed as I was. Not like I have much to show (above the waist, anyway).

A lot of guys were trying to make eye contact with me as they "did the deed", and I did indulge the few cute ones a little, sort of running my hands over my exposed waist and shaking my hips a bit, licking my lips... That was kind of funny.

I met a few TG girls, and chatted with some people. A cute Australian couple invited me back to their place, but I declined. I'm shy! (Plus I had work the next day...)

Later on when people started to leave, me, 'Amy', and my coworker went to the dance floor and "Busted a move", or however the kids say it nowadays, even though we were the only ones dancing. When I got tired and sat down, 'Amy' actually gave me a lap dance, one of the hottest experiences of my life. She couldn't believe she did it, either. She said she doesn't even do that in private with anyone, but I guess it was a night for trying new things.

So after that, we went out for dinner and drinks, and than headed home. She said next year she's going to be a participant. Maybe by then I'll work up the nerve- a transgender masturbation record has yet to be set.

And so the countdown begins...

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