Inner Beauty, Outter H0tti

So, here we go again.

'Amy' and I are going clubbing tonight, and we spent most of yesterday shopping in The Haight for some outfits. After hitting numerous stores I put together a slutty gothic-lolita-esque combination. Totally black, lots of frill and lace, complimented by my new F-Me shoes- open toed, with a four-inch clear stiletto heel.

And for the first time ever, do to 'Amy's prodding, I am now the owner of a garter belt! Yeah, big whoop, but still, being a bit of a tom-boy in my daily life, I never thought I'd wear one.

Plus, I picked up some skimpy sleep wear. It's nice waking up to the feeling of silk against one's smooth, newly tanned skin.

Something I've noticed:

It's taken awhile, but I've really been starting to feel like a girl, as opposed to a 'Transgendered Individual'. I thought I wouldn't feel that way until after a ton of cosmetic work.

I'm still going to get it of course. (I'm sick of Negative A cups.) It's just nice to see my "inner-mind self-image" (or whatever the bullshit psychobabble term is), is starting to move towards the positive.

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