The Toilet Bowl is my Friend-

That's why I'm hugging it.

Ohhhhhhhh.... Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Never Again.

Well, on a scale of 1 to 10, this hangover only ranks a 4, so it's manageable. I cracked out the Mylanta and started downing shots of it, so at least my vomit is not of the acidic, zombie-spray variety. A little minty, actually.


So I went to Bondage-a-Go-Go last night with 'Amy'. We ended up getting there late, so we only had a couple of hours that just flew by. I only got to dance, like, three songs. (Too bad this pic came out so bad, it looks better when you can see all the little details on the outfit. I'll try to recreate the look in the next photo-session.)

We were in the bathroom freshening up our makeup when a stall door creaked open, revealing a girl (I think) all tied up and gagged. Pretty hot- we each got our picture taken with her. (Yes, she nodded that it was OK.)

I wish I could find someone to do that to me...

And that's that. Oh, yeah... 'Amy' got a really good deal on a Vegas flight- $80 round-trip, but it's this weekend only. So, what the Hell, it was only $80... turns out I'll be going to Vegas THIS weekend too, along with the original mid-June trip.

It feels great, doing something spur of the moment like that. I'm pretty excited. Course, I'll have to pace myself so I don't burn myself out before the "Real" Vegas trip in a couple of weeks.

And have you seen the new Google Maps Street View? Incredible. Of course, I can foresee the lawsuits, but 'til than, enjoy!

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