So, here I am. Back at work.

A coworker got sick, so I'm filling in the evening shift, too. I probably won't get paid for it either, seeing as how the hours I work and the amount I'm making is already ridiculous, and all the perks I get, I can't bring myself to add it to my time card.

Jeez, what do I have to complain about? Ugh, I just get peeved when my plans get shot. I was going to give myself the spa treatment, test out some new hair products, try on some new outfits...

Ok, so it's not like I'm being held up from searching for a cancer cure or anything. I just enjoy getting a chance to unwind after a long day.

Well, this shift is kind of slow. I have time to fart around with my blog. The temperature is moderate; the sky is clear outside the window. I've got my health, however fleeting. I'm youngish, kinda cute, and I have some money in the bank and a roof over my head.

And only four more hours to go.

Really, I have nothing to complain about.

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