Shiny- let's be Bad Guys.

Just watched Serenity again, and was struck, as always, by just how fantastic and damn-near perfect it is. People are idiots for not making it more of a financial success, but I suppose a lot of the the greatest things never are.

I recently got an email asking me an interesting question. Basically, with all my talk about gadgets and scifi and stuff, had anyone accused me of being Too Tomboyish?

I hadn't really thought too much about that before, so I took a couple of days to ponder on it before putting a semi-coherent answer together. It's funny, but thinking back I distinctly recall being a lot more "feminine" in more ways than I am now.

Just read some of my really old blog entries- going on and on about make up and Seventeen magazine and all that crap. I was more shy, more introverted, really sensitive, and my mannerisms were a tad more flamboyant.

As I aged and the hormones started altering my body, I think I felt confident enough to come out of my shell to express myself- Myself being a geeky gadget nut who builds little robots in her spare time.

Maybe it's the Aquarian part of me that gets a kick out of not conforming to typical stereotypes- I wear 3 wristwatches at a time, have a fascination with aviation goggles that borders on the obscene, and my purse doubles as a Tool box.

As much as I complain and get depressed about not fitting in, being shoved into a little box would be too claustrophobic for me. But I'm still evolving, still changing with the years. Who knows? Maybe in a decade or so I'll go the complete opposite way and be a Stepford Wife.

Well anyhoo, time to get back to my steam powered scooter which I'll use to lead my Robot Minions into battle for World Domination.

Catch me on the News later- Chow!


Anonymous said...

Heh. That was me that asked the question. :) Shiny right back!! :p

V said...

Just chiming in to say that is SUCH a great answer =)

- V

James said...

go robot minions, oh that would be the day

Anonymous said...

Firefly is one of the coolest shows ever. I'm still in mourning. Especially since I just watched the last episode.