About Time

Well, for once I'm not hung over after a night of partying. Just
soooooo tired.

After work I saw jumper yesterday. Not as horrible as I imagined it
would be after reading the reviews, but then again I have the ability
to check my brain at the door.

After that I had to rush over to meet The Vegan where we did some
shopping at Rainbow, a Cooperative run Organic grocery store. Whew,
talk about Hippy Central. Lot of cuties, though.

So then we took our Meatless fixins home where I met with a couple of
other friends and cooked for a group for the first time in my life.

Well, maybe making Salads and (microwaved) Veggie Burgers isn't
technically cooking, but I was all ready to cook up some tofu stirfry
but everyone was already stuffed.

And finally, I met up with Emmy. And I was whole again.

(Yeah, I think I may be slightly codependent)

Too begin with, I finally found out what happen, and rather then some
sort of metaphysical spiritual evolution, it was a sequence of

Apparently she misheard a comment I made and thought I said something
rather lewd, and then later, got some anonymous Emails that creeped
her out and thought they were mine.

Weird, but the past is done, and we hung out and partied late into
tomorrow. It was the same club, but it wasn't Bondage-a-go-go night.
It was an 18+ Hip-hop event and we spent less then 10 minutes dancing
and more time just talking over drinks.

I'm proud to say I only had 1 and a 1/2. I did share a cigarette.
Slippery slope... I did find it highly disgusting, though, if that

Some girl just walked up to me, said "Can I have these?", and without
waiting for an answer, took my freakin' Cat Ears and dissapeared onto
the dance floor.

First time I was ever mugged... I eventually tracked her down and
took em' back. Jeez, she looked like she wanted to shoot me.

And finally, Emmy and I wrapped up the night at Denny's, and I got to
bed around 5am.

We shared a lot last night, and I'm really glad to have her back in my

This time I won't take it for granted.

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