Science Marches On

I recently discovered one of Mankind's Greatest Inventions- Pankcakes in a can! Now for breakfast I just squirt a bit into a skillet from the whip-cream like can, and a few minutes later I've got a fluffy snack.

Throw in in some pre-mixed scrambled omelet batter in a box and I've got a breakfast.

And no Mess to clean up aside from the frying pan.

Remarkable. The 21st century does show some promise after all.

Into day 2 without my iPhone and I'm starting to feel like I've been stranded on a desert island. A desert island with people, food, water, shelter, and not really an island, but nonetheless I feel a little lost, disconnected. What if I get Hit and Run in some remote side street and can't call for help?

It's also slightly uncomfortable having my bubble popped. You know, that bubble where you put on shades and crank the music and pretend like you can't hear the rest of the world. I've noticed I'm getting hit on a lot more now that it looks like I'm not busy. Maybe I should just wear headphones everywhere.

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