Oof, the week just flew by.

What's happening? Hmmm...

Hotel income has started slipping again, so the boss has been getting on me again. It's really frustrating because 90% of my suggestions have received his approval but he has yet to implement them. Yet here I am "not doing enough".


I'm telling myself to hang in there another year. One more and I can afford to take a long, long vacation.

Well, what else...

Well I applied for a loan, and was denied, of course. Years ago I let my Mom get a card out in my name, and let's just say that's yet to be payed off.

Hmm, that's not quite as horrible as it sounds. It's cost more then a couple of grand to raise me, after all. I'm not upset about it. Just poor. She said she'll pay me back when she sells her house, so, fair enough.

I've taken to spending a lot of time in bookstores after work. Every day I pick a new subject, and I spend a couple of hours reading up about it. I found the one chair in the store that's right next to an outlet, so after reading I relax and catch up on my RSS Feeds, do some more research, and even occasionally get some work done.

Seeing as how creativity has seemed to be my one saving grace around here, I've mostly been reading up on digital graphics and such. Right now I'm working on a model of the hotel in Google's Sketchup, so I can show off a few of my renovation ideas. I'm also trying to produce a short promotional video for the place.

I ran into an ex-coworker at the bookstore the other day. I think I wrote some entries about her a couple of years ago.

[Recap- Really religious, in her 30's, but still acted extremely immature. After her firing, we ran into each other a year ago- in the same store, as a matter of fact. I tried being friendly with her, and we hung out for an afternoon. She never called me back, and I didn't mind much and pretty much forgot about her. ]

But boy, when she saw me again, she was freakin' seething with anger.

In the face of my indifference, it was pretty startling. How the hell can she carry so much ill will after all this time? That must be pretty stressful. And I wasn't even sure why she was angry with me. I tried finding out, just to satisfy my own curiosity, but I couldn't get anything but insults.

Ah well. Not everyone can see how fantastic and Great I am. Plus I'm a genius.

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