Patience is not one of my stronger aspects. After getting paid I just couldn't wait for a Snail Mailed iPhone. Miles be Damned- To the Apple Store!

The girl working the checkout counter was none other than a woman I used to work with at the Restaurant all those moons ago. I couldn't remember her name for the life of me, but I was pleasantly surprised that she remembered mine.

I always imagined myself a Ghost working there, barely perceptible.

I had just got off of work and was kind of down and unconfident, so I was pretty nervous about suddenly being in a conversation I didn't plan out. In those kind of situations I tend to avoid eye contact. For some reason my eyes always go towards the chest area. With guys it's fine but talking to a girl, you see how that can get kind of weird.

She had an electronic gizmo she was playing with at chest level though, so hopefully I didn't weird her out too much.

So, we had a fairly standard "Oh, wow, nice to see you again, what have you been up to?" superficial kind of conversation.

And that was that. I regret not being a little more dynamic, though.

Anyhoo, I now have my 16GB iPhone. And right now, it's about as handy as a shiny paperweight. I have to pay off my phone bill before it will let me activate it, but I can't do that until tomorrow.

*sigh* C'est la vie. I suppose that, patient or not, waiting is inevitable.

At least it's pretty...

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