I lost my Baby!

Well, I started drinking around 10PM last night, so I got my wish of ringing in my 25th year completely wasted. Was it worth it? Well, Hindsight is always 20/20...

I did have fun- how can you not when dressed in your sluttiest finery and drunk, rocking out to strobe lights and some rhythmic noise. I think I looked really hot- I finally achieved that perfect Smokey-eye make-up effect, for the first and probably last time.

I had scheduled myself off work today, but my boss reminded me how busy today was so I canceled it. So I got to bed around 3, and commenced the vomiting as soon as I arose. Seeing that I was a little under the weather, the boss let me come in at noon, so I rested up and now I'm feeling a little better.

The worse part of last night? I...LOST...my...Fricken'...iPHONE!

I deactivated it pretty easily online, and the Taxi company doesn't seem to have it. I'll try the club when it opens up.

But, I'm not holding out too much hope. Even upright citizens would have a hard time turning down a free technological marvel retailing at around $400.

I'm going to have to get a new one- that device is so entrenched in my life, I'm lost without it. (Literally- why remember where anything is when you have Google Maps with you all the time?) Plus contact numbers for work, etc.

The problem is I can't really afford it. See, my surgeon will raise his prices at the end of April, so as long as I pay off the rest before then, I'm fine. After that though, I'll have to pay the extra.

Hmm, we seem to have a good rapport- maybe he'll let me pay 95% before April and the other 5% when I get there in May. If not, I may need to get a Credit Card.

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