Awww, my counters broken. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around 260 thousand hits... Those were the days.


So anyhoo, not much happening around here. Things have stabalized a little, and I haven't heard any more complaints from 'Amy'. (Let's see how long that lasts.)
There was a sale at Rite-Aid, so now I have more Beef Jerkey than I know what to do with. But $1.99 a bag?! I'd be crazy NOT to stock up!
I've got all these free movie passes for Christmas, but, here's how they get you: They can't be used on new releases. So I'd have to wait two weeks after Final Destination 3 comes out before I can see it with the pass. So, I'll be paying cold hard cash, I guess. It's Final Destination 3! Of COURSE I have to see it on opening day.

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of the series. I just love the idea of fate/death being this malevolent force that won't be stopped. Don't ask me why, though.

It does make me wonder if there's some truth in the premise. Some philosophers have said for ages that destiny can't be altered, that everything is predetermined. On Time Travel, the theory of a 'Self Correcting Timeline' has been put forth. That even if you assasinated Hitler before he rose to power, someone else would just take his place.

I read an interesting article, where physicists say that time is an illusion, that the past, present and future coexist in a 'timescape', analogous to a landscape. If that's the case, it makes Free Will moot. Than again, even though the future exists, it might be, as Quantum Mechanics dictates, 'Fuzzy', where every possibility exists. Though, that would mean the past and present would have to be fuzzy too. Hmmm....

Well, my brain just imploded. My mind sure does wander to the strangest places. Sometimes, a movie is just a movie.


And Finally, Happy Belated Chinese New Year! And, what a coinky-dink, it's the year of the Dog.

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