Ugh, life can never be simple. 'Erica' is very creative. She's always painting or drawing or what not. The problem is she took it outside my room and into the bathroom, which is shared space.

My roommate, bless her heart, is one of those uptight, germophobic, neurotic control freaks.

I knew I would get a call from 'Amy' (even though we live in adjacent rooms our communications are pretty much limited to texts/phone calls except for the occasional dinner dates we keep to maintain the illusion of friendship). Apparently 'Erica' painted one of the light switches, so 'Amy' got caught red-handed, so to speak. (cue cheesy laugh track)

So basically, I reel 'Erica' in or we're both out of the apartment. And yes, I am living with my new girlfriend that I've known less than three months.

It'll be fiiiiine. What could go wrong? (Not counting the events just recounted, of course.)

P.S. Yeah, the whole situation is just a powderkeg waiting to blow. But I must admit, it's fairly...exciting! The drama, the international intrigue...my life has got it all!

Maybe I subconsciously seek out these difficulties, all of this rooted in a self-destructive personality. Well, I'm sure my shrink will sort this all out and help me clean up the mess.

Oh yeah, I cancelled that appointment. Heh-

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