Back so Soon? Well as I said, my day was shitty and angsty and I still have a few minutes before bedtime.

(I was promoted to management at my hotel job. In addition to much better pay, I no longer work the god forsaken graveyard shift! I also have to get up at 6:30am six days a week. ...yay.)

Let's see...love live.... nope. Natta. Things didn't work out with 'Amy', A.K.A. "The FUCKING CUNT".


She was great. Really. In a Holier than Thou, uptight preening lil' princess kind of way. *shivers* Love truly is blind, especially when the object of your affections is unbelievably hot.

You know, all the postings I used to make about my sexuality, and coming to term with liking guys, and all the fantasies I had... I've STILL never been with a man. Though, since I've only had, like, two relationships, that's not saying very much.

But anyway, I've met this very nice, very cute, older lady. And she's Russian. (I've come to realize I have a thing for european accents)

So, back to my day. It's just been one of those days. Long shift at work, I had a lot of errands to run afterwards, and it started raining. And me without an umbrella. Then when I get home (I'm redecorating/reconstructing my room) I realize I got the wrong color paint and forgot a few crucial parts.

And the Russian girl was supposed to come over. She didn't.


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