Wowsers. I'm on cloud nine, right now. Spending so much of my life alone, untouchable... just cuddeling is a new, interesting experience.

Most of my relationships have been cold, sterile affairs. Fitting my personality, I suppose. But lately I've been warming up a bit, especially with "Erica's" help.

Last night was quite a tactile experience, full of petting, massages and warm, wet kisses.


When I first moved to San Francisco, I practically lived in a bubble. I was homeless, living in the airport, so I took the first rental oppurtunity that presented itself.

That's how I ended up in Bayview, a 40 minute bus ride away from downtown. In additon, the symbiotic meld with my computer and the internet was severed.

Dark times indeed.

Just getting that Sidekick was a blessing. Coming home from a long day of fruitless job searching and being able to catch a glimpse of the 'Information Super Highway' was practially orgasmic. (The 'Pr0n!' helped a little)

I actually lived without a computer for about 7 months (omg! teh horrorz!) before my mom sent me her old Dell. It barely creaked by, but at least I could Download shows and listen to my old mp3's again. That was quite a nostaligic experience. I can't believe I used to listen to such crap. The 'Josie and the Pussycats' movie soundtrack? Eesh.

Finally, a few months ago, I saved up the $1800 to get myself a nice custom laptop, built on Asus. Lots of RAM, fast CPU, Built in wifi, 100GB hard drive, and a 128mb ATI graphics card.

Not top of the line- I couldn't afford, and didn't want to lug around a 12 lbs. 'Desktop Replacement'. (Though my inner-gamer protested quite profusely)

But overall a powerful midrange system. It was one of the most expensive purchases I've ever made, and I'm still proud of my decision. It's light, so I take it to work every morning.

I tell you, it's incredible to watch the latest episode of Lost, Burn a DVD or two, and wrap it up with a round of Doom 3 or Half-Life 2 with Bittorrent in the background. (Want to wet your panties? Play F.E.A.R.) All while sitting at my desk at work. (Don't get me wrong, it gets pretty busy and I work hard, but generally there's a lot of freetime.)

So yes, I'm finished with the commercial now. http://www.istnc.com

That's just to answer the question of what my current World Wide Web Portal of choice is.

Oh, and I quit smoking! (Yeah, I started about a year ago.) It was pretty easy, too. Just cold turkey. The cravings disapeared after the second day, so I didn't see a need to get the patch or some gum.

I don't plan on smoking daily again, though I imagine I might limit myself to one on special occasions. It's just kinda fun, and seems to go hand in hand with drinking. (I have pretty good willpower when it comes to nicotine, surprisingly. I've never smoked more than two cigarettes a day.)

Ok, I'll wrap this up. Nite!

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