Before 'Erica' moved in, I went down to the Haight-Ashbury Psychological Clinic for an intake appointment, so I could restart therapy. It's a sliding scale clinic, but even with an old paystub from my smallest paycheck (When I took a vacation to Florida for Christmas) it was still $50 a session.

Cheap, but not trivial.

So that was a few weeks ago. My real appointment is tonight, and I've been considering a cancelation.

I mean, the main reason for going was my inability to form personal relationships, but I seem to have stumbled into one. Clumsily, yes, but I did take those first steps to pursue her.

Maybe I'm not completly hopeless after all. Of course, I'll still need to see a therapist anyway, eventually. But I can't help but see therapists as means to an end, IE getting a hormone prescription or surgical letters.

But for overall well being, I don't know. I've seen a few therapists in my day, and it didn't really seem to DO anything for me. In fact, the only reason I made this intake appointment in the first place was 'Amy' had suggested it.

Now, the only thing stopping me from cancelling it, really, is I'll feel bad for waiting til' the last minute, taking up someone's valuable time. Heh, I really am a nutcase...

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