Of course by 'Tomorrow', I meant next week. Obviously.

So the Russian girl "Erica" practically lives here now. For the past year my room has been nothing but a collection of unpacked boxes and chronological stacks of junk organized by height.

Now that she's staying here, I can actually walk in a straight line from the door to my desk. Even more amazing, she finished painting my room.

(It was a horrendously ugly purple when I moved in last year, and I managed to paint about 2/5 of the room white before giving up. Hey, I'm a manager. I've got, like, things to do. Stuff to...manage.)

Plus, much like my high school sweetheart Haley, "Erica" is a tough cookie. Really feminine, always wearing makeup and a proclivity for pink, but with a definite 'edge'. Knows hers way around and engine, pretty good fighter, and intelligent to boot.

Yeah, so, we'll see how long THIS one lasts before I screw it up somehow...

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