Well Stacia and I just had another falling out, and this one's for good. Not because I think I screwed up so badly that there's no way she'd forgive, but because I don't want her in my life anymore.

She had called me up to discuss her relationship troubles, and as usual I'd listen and give advice and so on. After awhile she changed the subject to me, and said that I'd been coming off as sarcastic and big-headed lately- Basically, an exaggeration of the same thing I noticed and posted about a couple of entries ago- though I'd label it 'A Little More Self-Confident'.

So then she asked if she could call me Dice, whatever that means. Maybe Andrew Dice Clay? I don't know. So I said sure, if I could call her Joan Crawford.

So of course she got offended, and I didn't exactly smooth things over when I said "I don't think you're EXACTLY like her. Just possibly a tad bipolar." A little mean of me, maybe, but that's been my suspicion for awhile now. "Blah blah blah, HOW DARE YOU, NEVER CALL ME AGAIN!!! *click*"

Five minutes later she calls me back, and since I don't pick up, leaves a 3 minute rambling voicemail about how she's right and I'm wrong, Good Luck, all that. And then a few minutes she sends a text message that she knows that shes used me in the past, and that she's sorry.

So anyway, that's that. She's been an anchor weighing me down, and maybe she realizes that she's depended on me a little too much to. I think this will work out well for both parties.

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