Happy Anniversary

Well, Smoke Free for one month last Friday. And in just 23 short Months all the tar should be gone from my lungs!

I think the first noticeable benefit is improved skin. I've gotten compliments that I look brighter, like I'm glowing. And I haven't even had Sex lately!

Speaking of which, I'm actually getting along with 'Josie'. I thought our first date skewed south, but she ended up calling me that night and invited me out for a spontaneous dinner. After we finished eating, we just talked for over two hours. I didn't even realize I had that much to say!

We've emailed and txted everyday, and we'll be getting together again tomorrow. I'm not sure where our 'relationship' is going, but I'm enjoying it so far. I've been playing it 'Cold', letting her chase me, which is a new social dynamic that I find interesting, and I suppose I should get used to.

Also, it's been awhile since I met and connected with someone New. The last person was Stacia, and that was, like, almost a year ago?! Oof. I need to get out more. Anyway, it hit home for me that I've changed, yet again. I say more of what I'm thinking now, and tend to let my dry sarcastic humor out a great deal more. Heh, maybe it's from watching all those 'House' episodes. But I was really surprised at the things I was saying to this pretty girl I'd known, in person, all of five minutes.

It's like I suddenly became an interesting person that strangers want to get to know, but I still have problems with the initial approach, and so never realized my evolutionary growth over the last year.

I guess that sounds pretty pompous, but here I am.

Switching topics, another good thing in my life right now is my recent raise. I think it was because of iWork, and now the thing has already paid for itself. Of course the work I put into the reformatting of our old documents probably had something to do with it, as well.

It's kind of sad, because I think I have now reached the Ceiling, so to speak. I really don't think I could earn anymore here- I've reached the plateau. But factoring in my free rent and this new raise, this is a very high plateau- Growing up I'd thought I'd have to wear a suit down to Wall Street to earn this much.

So I should reach my targeted Savings amount sooner, but I think I'll still keep the same time frame. Never hurts to have some emergency funds for a rainy day.

So as El Jobso says, Namaste.

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Michael said...

Do you think you might come to own a share of the hotel someday? Like, maybe your boss would eventually want to retire and ensure the place remains in good hands? ...Just a long-shot thought, I guess. ;)