Dial 'P' for Procrastination!

Ok, NOW the pics are up. Went a little overboard with the Sepia and Antique effects, but I think they still came out kind of cool. I've gotta Windex that mirror though.

So I'm looking forward to my date with 'Josie'. Looks like it's going to be a picnic on the ocean, but of course San Francisco chooses THIS week to start getting cold, and we'll probably get our first rainfall in months soon.

Anyhoo, so I've decided it's time to change my perception. My 'Frame', if you will. (That's what the self-help books call it.) I need to go into relationships with a 'Show me YOU'RE good enough for ME' attitude, instead of just trying to be nice and pander to their needs and wants all the time. The newest Cosmo has some good advice, too.

It's funny how one little thought can change your outlook on things.

So, we'll see what happens. We seem to have a nice 'online' chemistry, as we've been writing and txting everyday, so I'm hopeful.


Hodgy said...

The pics were well worth the wait!

Michael said...

I like your longer hair!