My Latest Aquisition...

...A Black & Decker Coffee Maker. What's cool is it brews directly into an insulated travel mug.

As my body has begun it's inevitable decline, I find that I'm forced to rely on alternate sources of energy to make it through the day. Coffee- what a wonder drug. To think I used to hate it. (Along with spicy food and beer. Wow, my tastes have really been changing these last few years.)

I've got a new routine where I stay up past midnight, and set an electric timer so the coffee starts brewing around 4:30AM, and I'm up at 5. By 5:15 I'm ready to take on the world. As cool as that sounds, it really means I'm just catching up on email and reading the latest webcomics and blog posts from 'round the world.

Then I brush my teeth (no coffee stains, please), shower, and it's off to dazzle San Francisco with my good looks and wit.

And speaking of dazzling, I met another cute girl, and we're getting together for brunch this weekend. She's an actress! Like, on TV and stuff! And coinkidinkly, she happens to be on a show I just started getting into. When my friends have asked what she looks like, I've been having fun by sending them the link to her IMDB.com page :)

And speaking of IMDB.com, I bought some handcuffs! (Not the smoothest segue.) I was trying on my Halloween Costume (Early, I know, but it's that magical time of year to let your inner slut out to play. I have to be prepared to top myself every year) and thought it would be hot to snap on a pair of handcuffs. Took a couple of impromptu pics, but of course they didn't turn out too well.

I'll upload those later.

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