Dr.Evil Uses a Mac

So I went to the Apple Store with my $100.00 credit. I wanted a copy of iWork, because I figured putting some nice presentations together with Keynote, plus redoing all of our boring forms and invoices with some Numbers flair would go over well with the boss. (It has, by the way.) While I was there, though, I figured I might as well upgrade to the new iLife.

As bad as they say the new iMovie is, I'm still able to use '06 (Not that I use it that much, anyway) so it's not that big of a deal. I just like the new iPhoto, since all my pics are starting to add up, and I want to keep everything organized.

And then I saw a copy of 'The Sims 2' for Macs, and suddenly felt a wave of sadness for the families I left behind when I Switched. And so deciding to begin anew, I picked that up as well. (I'm married to Stacia and I have a cute little girl named Alexia. I'm also a doctor. Shrinks would have a field day with me.)

Boy, drinking the special Kool-Aid and joining the Cult of Mac has quite a high subscription price, yet I don't have any of that 'Buyers Remorse' I usually get when I make a big purchase. I just love the way all this hardware and software and design seems to come together and fit so well.

Ooh boy, have I been brainwashed.

Yes, Steve Jobs is a Diabolical Genius. And I mean that in the best possible way.

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Hodgy said...

We are glad to have you in our cult called Macintosh ;)