Where does the time go?

Finally able to get on the internet in my room, for the first time in awhile. I used to have a Sprint EVDO card, but it wasn't compatible with my Macbook pro, which wasn't that big of a sacrifice, considering what I got in return. I considered buying an HSDPA card since I'm an AT&T customer now, but decided that another monthly bill wouldn't be good for my bank account.

So I picked up a device that lets me route the downstairs lobby internet kiosk DSL signal through the POWERLINES, where a receiver in my room (re)broadcasts the WiFi. Pretty cool- I remember reading about the tech last year in Popular Science. Ahhh, the Singularity approaches...

So now, I have the internet in the privacy of my own room. And you know what THAT means...

World of Warcraft all-nighters!


So, still not smoking, though I've been dreaming about it every few nights. (Literally)

For some reason or another I end up lighting and smoking a cigarette, and then I feel really disappointed with myself in the dream. Eesh, talk about motivation.


Soon after I last wrote Apple announced their new iPod line, along with a $200 price drop to the iPhone. I watched that keynote and didn't bat an eye. A later Open Letter from Steve Jobs pretty much summed up what I felt- price drops are a fact of "Life in the Technology Lane", and I gladly paid the premium for being the first to own something I really, really wanted.

But some people were upset, for some reason, so I'm going to benefit and receive a $100 credit For the Apple store. Now I'm wondering if I should save it for 'Leopard' (If the credit doesn't expire before it's released- I love Apple, but I wouldn't put it past them ;) or just pick up a copy of iLife '08. I would like to get my iPhoto library organized...

And for non-Mac users, the previous probably made no sense at all. Moving on...


Hmm, came across my PSP in the back of a drawer, and after dusting it off I picked up a couple of games for it- Dead Head Fred, has been surprisingly good, and the main character is voiced by Dr. Cox from Scrubs, which is a huge plus. And Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Yup, still a Lara Croft fan, though I'm stuck in a level that's driving me crazy.

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Hodgy said...

Welcome back! :) Usually after I buy something from Apple the new version comes out two weeks later!