So it comes, so it goes

Guess you can say that about pretty much everything.

Paycheck came, paid off that bill, and now hopefully I'm free.

Just two more weeks to go and I can buy the equipment I need to continue my experiments.

Oh, and here's my new T-Shirt! If I could have one superpower, controlling the "Speed Force" would certainly be it.


UnknownSith said...

I took my daughter to WALL E last night. Anybody who did not like that movie needs their emotion chip fixed. Don't know a lot of people who kno about the speed force so my inner geek says very impressed

Jarkko said...

Hi Lara,
Having that beautiful augmented body of yours, you need to start T-shirt Thursday. Advertiser sends you a free shirt and you blog about it. You would probably have some interesting organizations contacting you (or you might look totally dorky in that GetThisOffMyChestNow.com T-shirt, picked from your AdSense tower on the right). Also your readers would finally see you bit more...

Sarah said...

You look great in that pic. It's amazing what a nice pair of knockers will do for a t-shirt. love the new 'do too!