*sigh* Young Love...

Boy, I love my new iPhone. On paper it's not that different, but it
transcends that.

I had preferred the aluminum back, but after owning it for a couple of
days, I'm a convert. It really does feel even better in your hand!

Hmm, I just realized- in all likelihood I'll be using an Apple made
phone for the rest of my life. That's rather comforting. No matter
what happens, I've got that phone thing taken care of. That's done.

(I am Jack's raging consumeristic lust.)

So, let me change the subject before I frighten people anymore than I
already have.

My Date called the other night. He was picking some friends up at the
airport, but the flight was delayed and he had a couple of hours to
kill, so he wanted to get together.

I was too exhausted though. The previous night (technically earlier
that morning) I had saw a 1AM 'Dark Knight' showing and didn't get
home until 4. (Fantastic movie, by the way) And the graveyard worker
called in sick, so I started work a couple of hours early, getting
about a 45 minute nap in beforehand.

And then after work, I met up with Emmy to pay her back the money she
had loaned me for my surgery. We ended up getting some Vietnamese
soup, so I didn't get back home until 7PM.

By now I wasn't THAT tired- my horoscope had said I'd be bursting with
energy, and it was right. But I wanted to ease into a semi-early
bedtime, not use the last of my reserves painting the town red.

So we talked about maybe getting together next week, before he goes to
LA for a project he's working on.

Well, we'll see how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm pho~

iPhone plans are unfortunately a bit expensive up here in Canada :(

Does the boy know~? And *cough* is he cute?

P.S. I think the spacing alignment is a bit off in this post.