My colds always seem to follow the same stages- First I get a sore throat, when that goes away I develop a cough, and when that lets up I get a runny nose and start sneezing a lot. I'm in stage III now, so hopefully recovery is right around the corner.

Blowing ones nose every five minutes isn't exactly sexy, as I mentioned before.

So, my first date with a boy.

The weather was great, for once. We met up in Chinatown and walked around, eventually grabbing some lunch at a Dim Sum place.

He was nice, very well mannered and courteous. We talked a lot, chatting about this and that. He has some interesting projects in the works, and he has a lot of friends in the tech community so it was cool talking about gadgets and future technologies and such.

After lunch we walked around trying to find a bar with a view, the ones at the top of nice hotels, but the first one didn't open until after 5, and the second was no longer available to the public.

So he drove me to 'The Cliff House', a restaurant and bar at the top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific. The view was beautiful.

I saw a cocktail called 'Vesper' on the menu, and as I read the ingredients I realized it was the one James Bond had special ordered in 'Casino Royale', down to the lemon twist, so I geeked out and ordered that. It was pretty good, though I prefer drinks a little sweeter.

So by now we had spent almost five hours together, and I had to be getting back to work to take care of some little things before the boss went out of town. He drove me back, and um, yeah, we kissed.

It was a small, shy kiss, and I actually made the first move, which surprised me. Maybe that Vesper was stronger than I thought.

We're probably going to get together sometime again soon.

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