Wow, the past week just flew by. (That tends to happen when the boss goes out of town.)

Nothing new really going on. It was just a pleasant, relaxed week.

The Date is in LA, working on his project for Google. We might get together next weekend.

Last night turned into Girl's Night Out somehow, when dinner with The Vegan expanded to include her roommate and ex-girlfriend. And then Emmy called out of the blue and showed up too. After which, we all saw a late show of 'Sex and the City'.

Oh God. I had absolutely no interest in seeing it, but everyone else was going and I didn't want to be the wet blanket of the group like usual. The three lemon drops I had beforehand helped.

But God, 2 1/2 hours- ughhhh. I kept hoping Batman would show up. Batman or Ironman should make an appearance in every movie ever made from now on. Maybe even digitally add them to old movies, too. 'Casablanca' with Ironman- the Nazis wouldn't know what hit em'.

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