Gay Power!

Well, today was the big Gay Pride parade in San Francisco, and I kept with the tradition of not attending. Sure, it would be interesting to see, but the freakin' crowds- yeesh. A part of me likes loosing myself in a Sea of People, but it required more energy than I had today.

I think my body has gotten wise to the fact that this is my one day off a week, so I just feel sapped on Sundays.

So I tried to get lunch at the various fast food joints but with the lines out the door I skipped lunch and headed to Borders Bookstore. Perhaps it's a commentary on our culture that it seemed to be the one shop that was pretty much devoid of people.

I caught up on my various mags- Popular Science, New Scientist, Scientific American, Wired (even though I have a subscription- as a sidenote, one of my dreams is to be on the cover one day) PC Gamer (Hey, I have Boot Camp) and Maxim (For the gadget section!).

After that I pretty much just vegged in my room.

I saw Wall-E yesterday with The Vegan. I loved it, but she hated it and got pretty pissed off that I dragged her with me. She said right off the bat that she didn't want to see it and wouldn't like it, so I think she just didn't let herself enjoy it. We got in a bit of an argument about AI and sentient machines and such, and it ended with her telling me to find a new Movie Buddy.

Well, it's a great movie and I give it my Seal of Approval. I mean, 97% on Rotten Tomatoes can't be wrong.

In "tranny" news, not much happening. Same ole', same ole'. Continuing my earlier entry about Cosmetic Surgery not being a miracle, my newfound cleavage seems to prompt a lot more exclaimations from the (probably) uneducated around my work/home of "That's a dude!". Usually it follows an appreciative glance, so perhaps they feel a need to compensate.

After I got home following such an incident, I took a long, hard look at myself in a mirror.

And I smiled.

I liked what I saw, and after a moment of primping I got back to working on my Wearable Computer.

I've always been an outside the box kind of person, and over the years I've found a certain joy in the unconventionality which is my life. So what if a cheerleader blonde gives me a dirty look in the restroom, or a guy stops dead after chatting me up, realizing I'm not Genetically Female?

I take pride in not conforming to labels, expectations, or stereotypes. I take pride in doing my own thing, and not worrying if my interests or activities aren't "feminine" enough.

I take pride in myself.

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