I've had a bit of Blogger's Block lately. I mean, some interesting things have happened but I've had trouble sitting down to blog about it.

For example, the other night I was invited out to some sort of sexual performance art show called 'Trans as F*ck', and ended up the fifth wheel when the couple I went with met up with the new girl they were going to add to their relationship to make it a... triple, I guess.

Course, as seems to happen, the guy was a little more enthusiastic about the newcomer then his partner, and it led to some mild drama that had me standing around awkwardly by myself a few yards away, waiting for someone to drive me home.

I've also been having some financial difficulties. An autopayment I forgot about went through my account, leaving me negative $100. I begged and borrowed and eventually got the money replaced to the point where I had eight cents to my name, but I was too late and the bank charged me $70 in insufficient fund fees.

Jeez, that should be illegal.

Anyway, I've got one more Well to Tap, so to speak, which should get me back up to Zero. And then my next two paychecks will almost entirely go to paying off outstanding bills.

After that, though, I should finally be in the clear and I can go back to living the urban high life, consisting of the occasional night out, and a new toy every now and then.

Speaking of Toy, I've already got an eye on my next one.

Hmm, maybe my Blogger's Block is decongesting a tad.

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Ryli said...

2nd attempt...

OK, try this:
It has worked for me.

Call customer service, explain the circumstances, tell them how much you like their bank and that you'd really appreciate them reversing the fees...

As i said, it has worked for me in the past, oh yea, you can't use it very often.