Ooh Boy

The first day back after a long break is always the busiest, and Monday was no exception. Mostly everyone was pretty nice and complimentary about my new style and such.

But really, I thought I got attention before. Adding Breasts to the equation has created some kind of exponentially elevating Creepzoid behavior to appear in the "opposite" sex while in my vicinity. I mean, I knew on an abstract level how creepy guys could be, and have experienced a little of it in the past.

But wow- it's a wonder all women aren't lesbians, or aren't killing each other for the few 'Good Guys' out there.

Maybe I'm just in a mood because one of the guests keeps loitering in the lobby, occasionally asking some sort of inane question before asking, with this dead panned, droning voice, if I'd take my shirt off.

Or the guy who looked through the floor to ceiling windows outside the office, and used his index and middle finger to point at his eyes, and then point at me before skulking away. "I'm watching you"? Really? That's the mention you want to convey to a complete stranger?

Then on the other side of the scale are the one's that aren't so forward. Though they'd barely look at me before, now everyone wants to know about my family and where I grew up. I hear old lines like "When did you fall out of Heaven?"

And that's just half-way through a Wednesday American Work Day.

Ugh, well, apologies.

I didn't mean for my first full entry back home to be a bitch session. And though I'm probably coming off as irate, I'm pretty subdued. I realize that most women have learned to deal with this since their early teens, and I've just been thrown in the deep end. Imagine an Amish 80 year old needing to pass a computer course.

Sure, I'm a little overwhelmed, but that's just because it's new, and I have no doubt that I'll eventually adapt. That's what we do, afterall. I just have to tread carefully and do my homework.

Since I wasted my alloted space on this little rant, I'll try to have something more robust and intellectually stimulating in my next entry.


lelee65 said...

Glad to hear you're back safe & sound.

Romina Ferro said...

Welcome back little hottie!

Michael said...

I don't think this post was un-intellectual or overly ranty at all. It seems to be a sobering reminder of reality. The sudden contrast maybe made it all the more obvious.

Gawd, though...are there really jerks like that almost everywhere one goes?

I think the world would be a better place if almost all males were castrated (with some sort of provision for reproduction).