The Reality

I've been careful into not fooling myself into thinking that I'm completely "passable". I'll say again for everyone considering cosmetic surgery- It's pretty damn neat, but it's not a miracle.

I'll still get the occasional jerk who shouts out something like "Are you a woman or a man!". Heh, well, at least he had to ask. And there are still people who insist on using male pronouns when referring to me, mainly the old codgers I work with.

If you're too bothered by that, it'll drive you insane, so I just let it go.

Right now I consider myself "Semi-Passable", and whether I "pass" or not, I've noticed that breasts have had the psychological side effect of making me feel more confident. Heh, how shallow of me.

Speaking of breasts, I took my measurements the other day- 38C-28-38. Not too shabby, I guess. Hmm, too bad it's all downhill from here.

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