See you in Hell, Witch!

Well this post retreads very familiar ground, but Stacia and I had another fight and
we dissolved our friendship. Again. I think this is the third or fourth time, now.

It's really not worth getting into what it was about, but it's basically, if I may be so
vulgar to say- Same Shit, Different Day.

A misinterpreted gesture on my part is converted into this grand malicious scheme of manipulation and mental abuse. It really was ridiculous. It was soooo stupid. I know I've said this before, multiple times, but this really is it. I will not contact her again, thanks to Emmy.

I ended up getting a message from Emmy (at my office, because my phone is still turned off) that said she wanted to meet up tonight. And I am so glad I blew Stacia off and went, rather than try to salvage the broken pieces yet again.

I'll never forget that squeal as Emmy saw me for the first time since I've been back, and ran up and hugged me. I had sort of gotten use to the nonchalant reactions, and I must admit her energy was infectious and made me feel really good.

She went on the whole night about how great I looked, and treated me to dinner, drinks, and dessert, and talked about all the fun we were going to have in the coming weeks.

She also told me what was going on in her life since I'd been gone, and it's been...interesting.

I'm so happy to have her in my life, and the contrast between the two experiences between Emmy and Stacia was enough to show me that I really don't need "friends" like the latter in my life. I have been told that many a time through family and even emails from readers, but just like always, I needed to learn it myself- No matter how beaten up I get in the process.

So I say again, I am well and truly done with Stacia.

Like, for realz.

I think I might actually deserve better.

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