May it Rest Peacefully in the Archive Eternal

Well it looks like my Hiptop Archive in the right sidebar went Dead. Wonder how long ago that happened?

Thanks to the magic of Archive.Org, it's been (unfortunately?) preserved for posterity, so I changed the link to redirect to the Archived version.

Some of those entries were a tad dark, having just moved to San Francisco jobless and friendless. But it's nice seeing that I've nudged along relatively successfully on my own since than.

So long, Hiptop Blog- may we meet again in that Great Archive in the Sky.

Jeez, I'm a loon.

Apple officially announced the long awaited 3g iPhone on Monday, and I'm already salivating. The release date is perfect, too- Mid July, right when I'll have my bills paid off and can go back to my "accustomed lifestyle".

Ooooh boy, watch out on Pay Day. I'm going to celebrate with a night out on the town- shopping, gorging, entertainment, shopping...

Yeah yeah, and I'll put some into savings, too.

Anyhoo, I know most of my entries since I've been back have been somewhat "fluffy", so sometime soon I'll do a somewhat indepth recap of my surgical experience.

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