Ooh boy, time flies away again.

Well I'm mostly packed and ready to go. Shana will be coming over and we'll go out on the town for a bit. Whenever I fly I like to have a nice dinner the night before.

(A Few Hours Pass)

Back from dinner. I had wanted to go to my favorite Steak place, but they were about to close, so we ended up at my standby Thai place. I always kind of feel like a celebrity going there, since everyone knows me and what I'll order. A lot of really cute girls work there, too, but I've never tried to strike up a conversation.

I'd like to hold on to a neutral ground where I can relax and enjoy myself. Shana and I had a nice dinner and a long conversations. Had a few drinks too. For the first time since I started eating there, I opted for a cocktail instead of beer. Multiple cocktails, of the Blue Margarita variety. A little "fruity", perhaps, but I was in the mood for flamboyance.

One waitress we had put a strain on my "Not Sh!#$ing where I eat policy, as she was just so darn cute, with a bit of a sexy streak going on. I remained steadfast though, despite Shana's disappointment, which started an hour long debate on human/animal nature.

Anyway, as the drinks started flowing I revealed to her that I had pretty much given up dating- for now. I guess I revealed it to myself, too. After "The Actress", I just stopped...trying?

I avoid eye contact when walking down the street, and try to keep conversation with strangers to a minimum. I'm just not interested in the Rules and the Ritualistic Nature of it

I'd like to write more about this revelation, but I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. Need to rest, need to get up early...today.

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