Here it is, 2am SF time (Even though I'm still in Florida, I'm still thinking in West Coast time).

I don't usually dream about people I know, but I dreamed that I reconnected with Emmy last night.

Heh, and after I just resolved to not live in the Past anymore...

Anyway, in the dream I was walking in the halls of my Hotel and saw her from the back, her hair longer and dyed, and was debating whether I should say anything to her. I compromised by walking past her field of vision, pretending that I didn't see her.

And the next thing I know, we're walking down a long corridor I don't recognize, that slowly transforms into a little walking path I knew from Virginia, that was bordered by trees on one side and the fenced in backyards of condos on the other.

We were talking and she started crying, which made me start crying, and we apologized for being stupid and held hands.

So here I am, up and feelin' melancholy. Christmas Eve marked Four months without a cigarette, so that makes a little over five without Emmy.

I'm probably still thinking about her because there wasn't any "closure". No final goodbye, no questions answered. ...Too bad life can't be as tidy as a TV show.

Maybe one day, before I move out of SF, I'll try to see her one last time and ask her what happened.

Though I can't imagine her answering.

*sigh*. I miss her.

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