Happy Holidays

On my way back to Moms house after a Christmas party with my "step-
fathers" family.

They are LOADED. Two million dollar home stacked high with presents,
lobster, and an open bar.

As usual, I didn't feel part of it all, so after making an appearance,
I found a quiet corner with a drink and zones out as much as I could.

After a few drinks the caterer and I started flirting. Its a No Date
policy, so some harmless flirting with someone 3000 miles away is
covered in a sub-paragraph somewhere, I believe.

Anywa, I love my iPhone. Its got me through a whole day of parties,
and Church. 'Arrested Development' makes everything easier to deal with.

I just texted a bunch of exes, probably due to the Vodka, wishing them
Happy Holidays. So far 2 have replied, and I have a bet with myself
about how many more will right back.

I don't expect everyone to write back, but I will be a bit depressed
if those are the only two...

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