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Oof, what a day. Work was killer, real busy, boss constantly on me about this or that, and I had to stay a few hours late.

After a day like that, I need to go unwind, which usually involves treating myself to a nice dinner and a little alcohol. So I went to a Steak House I like and got a nice meal, plus some Martinis. I haven't drunk Vodka since my plane ride to the funeral, so my tolerance has slipped a bit.

Needless to say I got home around 9:30pm and crashed, but got a phone call from my boss around midnight. Long story short (though a tad convoluted), the person working the swing shift at the desk was short a bit of cash at the end of her shift, and I guess she partly blamed the grave shift worker who arrived early and was hanging out in the cramped little office and distracting her.

So the grave worker got upset and left, and as the boss sided with the swing clerk, I was told to basically fire her (she lives pretty close by) and work the grave myself. So, here I am.

It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't nauseous from the vodka, and I didn't have to work till 4PM. Well, that's my job. I suppose my commitment is why I was promoted. But if some dot com millionaire wants to come take me away from all this, be my guest ;)

(And speaking of Dot Coms, this video is hilarious, and catchy- Here Comes Another Bubble)

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