Made it to Florida OK. I always find it weird, coming back to Florida. The heat, the bugs- blah.

Anyway, as Hotel Business has been slow, I did not receive a Christmas Bonus this year. Blah again.

I'm still trying to make sure the family has a nice Holiday. Got everyone a ton of gifts, and am trying to make the most of my days here.

Oh yeah, so my last entry I mentioned I was kind of giving up dating. I don't remember half of writing that entry- I was exhausted and falling asleep. But the gist remains.

It's just too much hassle, too expensive, too time consuming... I think a nice long break from relationship woes will do me some good. Doesn't leave much interesting fodder for the ole' blog, though.

We'll see how it turns out. Sometimes I just seem to trip and fall into these Romantic Comedy/Horror movies.

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