Wow, iTunes is addicting. I wasted a whole afternoon previewing songs, following links... When all was said and done, I think I dropped another $20 or so.

Actually paying for Music, I feel like my karma got a nudge towards the light side. Course, I can't see myself buying any TV shows, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Laser Hair Removal is billed as Permanent Hair Reduction. As my facial hair was slight, Laser was recommended over electrolysis. It's worked out good, but I think I could use a touch-up, so I'm scheduling an appointment for this month.

Ugh, body hair. I sort of got spared in that department. I take after my Dad (or my Mom) in that I never had any chest or back hair to worry about. I am covered with soft peach fur, but, being asian, it's pretty dark.

I used to use Nair for awhile, but I've found bleaching to be the best option. It's a pain, having to mix the stuff up and coat my upper body every few weeks, but that's the cost of beauty, I guess.

I know alot of GG's have dark body hair, but it really bugs me.

As for my legs, I use an epilator. Waxing got to be too expensive.

So, now you know. After a couple of months on a deserted island I'd turn into a monster.

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