UPS tells me through the magic of computer automation that my Machine will be here on Tuesday.

I'm spending the last few days B.M. (before Mac) transferring data to my external drive, getting ready to ship this old girl to it's new home with my Mom. I want to be thorough- I'd hate for her and my sisters to stumble across a bit of pR0n.

My first computer was a Macintosh. I still remember the day when dad brought it home. Now that I think about, I wonder how he got it- they were $2500 at the time.

Dad was a big admirer of Steve Jobs, and after reading and watching the "Behind the Scenes" stuff about the guy, him and Dad are actually alot alike, from what I can tell. Well, without the whole CEO and Wealth status.

So, what else is happening? Well, 'Ana', my ex-roommate I had to boot out last month, gave me a call. She wanted to pick up her mail, but we ended up getting lunch instead. There was some mumbling on her end, about how she wanted to call me on Christmas and New Years, but didn't want to talk to people that would say stuff like that about her.

As a reminder for you, gentle reader, I said that she was completely Toxic for me.

Which is understandable. I just let her talk until the subject was changed. No need to try and smooth things out. That's how I felt, how I feel, and I'm sticking to it.

I also got a call from that TG girl I was seeing. We kind of fell out of touch, but it's the kind where occasionally we'll make plans to get together, but something unavoidable will come up.

I didn't feel much romantic connection, but I do think she'd make a good person to hang out with. It's nice to occasionally be around someone even more spacey than myself.

Anyhoo, so that's what I've been up to. Deleting pR0n.

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