First off, watch all the episodes of 'The Burg', and then take to the streets for a rousing game of 'Hip or Dangerous'.


Well Hurricane Isabel has come and gone, leaving us without power. No water either, since it's wellwater and the pumps are electric.

It seems the power's back on everywhere else though, so finding a working computer was an easy task. It's a Mac, though. Bleh. (No offense)

Oh, Past Me- how little ye knew...

'Ana'....Screw it. I love her name too much. STACIA called me again and we tentatively made some plans to hang out next week. Just to give her her mail, of course. And, who knows...

Yes, I am mentally disturbed.

Over the holidays I got a surprise text message from 'The Cold Fish', 'Staci', saying we should get together sometime. Guess she got dumped and was feeling lonely. But who am I not to prey on the lonely and heartbroken?

Ha. I kid. She's probably leading a wonderful life. Anyway, I wanted to go drinking (of course) but she's only working night shifts next week, so I suggested the California Academy of Science. Soooo dorky, but I've always wanted to go.

Maybe I'll go to MacWorld next year.

Today was actually a somewhat good day at work. Well, it still sucked the life out of me. It was after I was technically off, when I had come back to deal with the usually problems: Staff sexually harassing guests, said guest threatening to get baseball bat, other guests upset about some of the hotels policy, and yet more guests trying to weasel out of paying rent.

I walked in, confronted by a mob of unhappy people, and I got down to business. I was in some sort of zone, where I can't really remember what I said, but whatever it was, everyone walked away somewhat satisfied (until the next time.) It felt like being a politician, or something.

And then the guy working the desk, the one twice my age, sincerely thanked me for being there to take care of all that.

So, a small part of me thought that just maybe, another small part of me was actually good at this job, at interacting with people, despite what the naysayers would say to the contrary.

Boy, have I changed in the last couple of years. It's almost depressing. And on top of that, I'm turning 24 in a couple of weeks.

God help me when I'm 30.

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