Yeah, one could say it's something of a delicate situation, dating within the workplace.

But it doesn't feel that way. 'Ana' and I are both really shy, so it's kind of fun as we take turns working up the nerve to invite the other out, and than stumble through the next few hours. It's a dorky, cute stumbling though.

It's interesting because she's completly different than my usual dating MO, and I didn't realize it until now.


Taking an exploratory trip down memory lane, I can see how many freakin' problems everyone I dated had that I did my best to forget and bury. Drug addiction, psycho Ex's they couldn't stop going back to, car theft rings and drug running, just to name a few highlights.

That doesn't speak very highly of me, getting involved with people like that in the first place.
Course, I didn't know it right off the bat, and 'got out of dodge', so to speak, when I found out about the things they were up to.

But anyway, the point was that 'Ana's Drama-free. Ok, well, no woman is 100% drama-free, but I know how to spot the chaotic mindset pretty well; not just from my Ex's, but from living and working these last few years in one of San Francisco's sleaziest areas.

And she's actually passionate about something. She loves the arts and music as much as I love science, and we understand when the other wants to lock themselves in their room and drop off the map for awhile when they're creating.

But like I said, it's kind of a delicate situation, and we're taking our time. We haven't kissed, hugged, or even held hands. And unlike the 'Cold Fish', er, 'Staci', I find that I don't even care- I'm happy just being around her.

Heh, me being happy for however brief a time. Who woulda 'thunk it?

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