It's weird, not being able to get drunk anymore. Well, not without significent effort. The only time I've managed to get drunk since January was on my flight to Florida. The pressurization makes the alcohol hit stronger.

Even still, it took four Vodka Rocks', my drink of choice now.

At sea level, forget about it. *sigh* I miss the days of being able to fill up my 130 pound frame with one shot, where I would then start rolling around on the floor, laughing hysterically.

Good times.

Anyway, I'm happy to say I made the Right decision with 'Ana'. I finally listened to my Brain over my Heart (and maybe something a little lower, too... I'm on Hormone Replacement therapy- I'm not dead.)

We hung out a bit, but I kept it professional, didn't get too personal.

Good thing, too. Had to fire her.

The 'cracks' started to appear after the first couple of weeks. Like I said, she's a very calm person. Maybe a little too calm. I don't think she's on drungs, but she admitted to trying varying substances in the past. And as I know from my Ex-physicist shut-in friend who's been living at the hotel for the past 20 years, a couple of hits of acid can really screw up the brain permanently.

After two weeks of training, four hours a day, nothing has 'stuck'. Policies, computer use, data entry- nada.

I know she's smart though. She can pick up almost any instrument and start playing music right away. She's right-brain smart, I guess.

So the boss had me let her go. Wasn't the easiest conversation. I wasn't about to tell her the Boss thinks "she has a screw loose". (Which adds further proof to my theory that there's always something wrong with everybody I'm attracted to.) I just said that he took her in to see if it would work out, but he checked the schedule and realized we don't need any other workers at the moment.

I did try to break the news gently, and we talked about hanging out some more sometime, so maybe we're still friends. Who knows?

And while I wrapped that up, I had to go interview her replacement. Little white lies are ok if you don't want to hurt somebodies feelings, right?

So, in summary, I did something right for a change.

Wrong- 9234598237459324
Right- 1

See? I'm starting to close the gap.

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