Eesh, a new month already. Time waits for no one.

Not much happening, really. I think I'm part cyborg, as the dentist installed a titanium post in my head today, to support a crown to be added sometime at the end of the year. Now if only I could get an RFID chip put in too so I can pay for stuff by kissing the scanner.

A girl dropped from the sky at the hotel, 'Ana' (though her real name is much more beautiful), offering her housekeeping experience in a 'Work for Housing' exchange arrangement. A 'purty girl in her late twenties, who I seem to kind of get along with.

I'm thinking about inviting her to dinner sometime. And so, the Cycle of Heartbreak begins anew...

Obviously, it doesn't help my chances if that's the attitude I start off with, but what can I say- a lifetime of experience has left me bitter and cynical. Maybe I should wear extra make-up to cover all that up.

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