I was thinking. Energy can't be created or destroyed, right?

So what's going to happen at the end of the universe? Will it really keep expanding forever, until entropy takes over and energy is so spread apart nothing will exist anymore? Or will it eventually all come back together in a Big Crunch?

I know the galaxies are accelerating away from each other, but maybe, somehow, they still all come back together in the end.

Maybe energy gets around the whole created or destroyed principle through a loophole. If it always existed, than it was never really created in the first place, right? Maybe the universe is a snake eating it's own tail, a loop of infinite expansions and contractions.

Though, that doesn't seem like that great a possibility, either. If that's the case, it would make the Universe a giant version of Ground Hog's Day. Maybe that's what Deja Vu is- some faint reminder, an echo, that we've done all of this an infinite amount of times already.

Actually, that possibility would suck.

I didn't exist for about fourteen billion years. And here I am, for the briefest, fleeting of moments. And then afterwards? True infinity? That's peanuts compared to fourteen billion years.

But, infinity is a long time. If energy really will last forever, then the energy I'm made of right now might eventually be a stapler, or the fuel of a star, or even another lifeform. I suppose that's better than scattering my ashes in a lake somewhere.

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