Duck Curry, truly Mankinds greatest invention

So, Stacia and I didn't end up getting burritos, instead settling for beer and thai food. She started off a little cold. The pretense for our meeting was giving her some mail that came in, but after awhile it was almost like old times.

It's rather hard to describe our relationship, and I won't try. Needless to say, it can be rather special at time, and we have what might be referred to as 'an interesting dynamic.'

It was pleasant, but I don't sit well with elephants in the room. I knew there were unsaid things and bottled emotions under the surface, and I wouldn't be me without shining light on them.

So after dinner wrapped up I steered the conversation towards the way things ended, with me basically throwing her out. And that's when it started getting real, that hard edged spark coming to life in her eyes.

I just let her talk for a long time, only interjecting occasionally. I told her I couldn't change the past, but I'd like us to try and salvage a friendship, outside the context of us living together (which was really what our original relationship was founded on). I made a joke along the lines of 'Well, at least you won't have to worry about me ever kicking you out again.' She wasn't amused.

So then I started making analogies, which I have a tendency to do when conventional logic fails (as happens a lot where human interaction is concerned) and talked about how forest fires, destructive as they are, can make room for new growth and evolution.

I don't think that she bought it, but she said that she was there, and talking to me, so I took that to mean there might be hope yet. Baby steps.

We hugged, and we made plans to see 'The Simpsons' movie sometime next week.

I hear it's good.

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