I like 4AM

I seldom get to see it.

Well, here I am on hour 20 of my 56 hour shift. Ooh boy, when I put it that way, it sounds rather depressing.

One of our full-time employees left so I've been picking up the slack. In addition to working 7 days in a row, I'm pulling a couple of triples back to back. I'm fairly certain this is against some sort of labor law somewhere, but I help the boss, he helps me.

He just got back from a two week vacation from which he left me completely in charge, and seeing as how business went up 175% in those two weeks, and room occupancy went from 40% to 92%, he gave me a bonus and another raise.

So I suppose this is the least I can do.

I haven't gotten to the point yet where I start spouting 'Fight Club' quotes, so that's a good sign. I'm pacing myself with the caffeine so I don't crash, and just generally trying to stay busy. Usually all nighters aren't a problem, but two in row is a bit tricky.

So in other news... Hmm... Well I saw Stacia again, and we had a somewhat good experience together.

Just like old times though, I would say something that offended her and she'd get that attitude that can best be described as a socialite being forced to accompany a Neanderthal to the grand ball.

After all this time she still doesn't quite get me. I would describe her as a hipster type that's especially mannered. But when I'm around stuffy people who act all prim and proper, I just can't help myself. I prod.

I think this comic sums it up nicely. (You should read all of em'- great stuff)

Stacia commented on the great contradiction that is me. Which is true- Aquarian Duality. Sometimes I'm shy and humble, other times I feel egotistical and will literally list off all the adjectives that describe how great I am.

Sometimes I feel like a little kid, experiencing everything for the first time. Other times I'm the old, weathered soul that's been around this cosmic merry-go-round a little too long.

This blog is fine and all, but even after all these years I think it would be difficult to get a clear picture of me from these words alone.

And maybe that's a good thing.

Til' Next Time!

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